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Eco Marmolada

E.C.O. Kosmos

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Eco Marmolada

E.C.O. Kosmos

Fall '21 - '22

Product Description

Faux fur completely cruelty-free. GRS®-certified, is the soft, pre-consumer recycled fabric with an animal effect conferred by Jaquard’s workmanship.


Width (cm) 150

Weight (gr/sqmt) 510

Composition: 42% PC - 38% PL 16% WO 4% AF


GRS (Global Recycled Standard): promoted by Textile Exchange, is one of the most important non-profit organizations promoting responsible and sustainable development in the textile indu- stry worldwide. The GRS provides tests and parameters for the following areas: product composi- tion and recycled materials content; traceability maintenance throughout the production process; restrictions on the use of chemical agents; compliance with relevant environmental parameters such as supply, discharge of water resources and energy recovery; compliance with social parame- ters relating to workers’ rights.

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ECO Kosmos Collection

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