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All Leather HK 

Handbags developing and manufacturing in Asia

Five generations in the leather industry made our family the Jutzeler from Switzerland, expert in this field. It is the third generation that brought our business to an international level in 1956 and the fourth in 2004 that opened our European leather and component retail operation in China under the name of AllLeather(HongKong)Co.,LTD. After more than 15 years in this market we have become famous for our quality, precision and seriousness.

Listening to our customers, the market demand, but most of all out of passion, it is the fifth generation that decided to bring our company to the next level, by opening in 2012 a leather goods manufacturing solution, a modern operation, that has for aim to make a high quality product, with a lot of flexibility.

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  • R&D Center

Located in the heart of Guangdong, in the city centre of Dongguan, 5 minutes away from 3 five-stars hotels and linked to a large Italian leather showroom, our 1’000 square meters development centre is convenient, resourceful and reactive.


  • Production​

Follow up on every requests should they be big or small. 

Being in the heart of one of world largest manufacturing hubs, it allow us maximum flexibility in terms of product types and quantities to produce, to best suit your needs

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  • Quality

Our production follows the highest international standards, giving our customers the quality ensurance they need to supply their product with confidence.


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  • Supply Chain

With the advantage of our sister company Y-team Sarl located in Europe, All Leather benefits from a strong network and sourcing abilities with partner tanneries in Italy and China that are LWG certified.


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Add: 12F HaoPan Shoe Material Square, No.53-55, East of Houjie Road, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, GuangDong Province, P.R. China 523960

USA Contact
Luigi Longobardo

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