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Luigi Longobardo

Founder / Sales Director

Luigi started his career in a fabric mill in Florence before making the jump across the Atlantic Ocean over ten years ago.

Landed in NYC he started his own sourcing agency in collaboration with some of the best tanneries and raw materials manufacturers in the world. He learned to appreciate how complex and incredibly fascinating the world of materials can be.

Today he has become a trusted partner for companies like Tapestry, Michael Kors, Polo Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs and many others. 

When he is not running up and down Manhattan on his trusted Boosted board he loves taking pictures of his two daughters and sunsets on the Hudson.


Mobile: +1(347) 671-3690

Skype: llpookj

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Giovanna Longobardo

Customer Service


Mobile: +39 (347) 371-8035

Skype: Giovanna Longobardo

Meet the Team

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