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meets innovation 

As consumers grow savvier, we could not fail to improve our offer for sustainable materials to delight them. We have been working behind the scenes for months to boost the sustainability credentials of our package and have definitely kicked things up a notch by unveiling Yatay™.

Yatay™ focuses on the material’s social and environmental impacts and incorporates a responsible approach to innovation: a wide range of materials studied to make green, sustainable and ethical end products. 

Yatay™ with its multiple application fields (from footwear to leathergoods, from automotive to upholstery, etc) is changing the game of innovative solutions, elixirs that can help to re-craft a fairer and more sustainable fashion industry that still maintains its reputation for beauty , creativity and quality. Yatay™ is in fact founded on the idea that quality materials make quality products.

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Yatay Zero 

This line includes all solvent free articles composed of selected raw materials, the entire supply chain is VOC free and carried out through a self-patented process using certified FSC or RCS backings.

In the wake of shifting consumer demands we have made technological advancements and concentrated our efforts on completely solvent free bio-materials. Due to a unique and patented manufacturing process, Yatay™ Z products can be manufactured entirely without solvents. Through the production of useful, high-quality products, zero free plant based PUs not only benefit the environment and the economy, but also the lives of those who use them: a true win-win situation.



The Bio-Veg collection is on the cutting edge of innovation and sustainability. 

It is made with recycled polyester from plastic bottles and bio polyoils obtained from non-food and GMO-free corn crops. These green-core materials have the highest biomass available on the market, up to 81%, and can be ennobled with any finish and grain. 

Bio-Veg collection boast an LCA certification which determines the environmental impact for each step of the production process from cradle to end-life.

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